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When you post your offers on the ABG website, you reach a target audience consisting mainly of professionals holding doctorates, but also doctoral candidates and students enrolled in Master’s or engineering degree programs. They represent every discipline, excluding medicine and pharmacology. Do you wish to post one or more job offers, thesis proposals or internship offers? Manage offers, options and applications via the website.

Job offers

Job offers are directed at PhD-holders at every stage of their careers and in every discipline.

Rate: €100 (not including VAT)

Your ad will run for up to 60 days.

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Thesis topic proposal

Thesis topic proposals are directed at students working toward a Master’s or Engineering degree who are interested in pursuing a doctorate. Important: all thesis topic proposals must indicate a source of funding (public or private).

This service is free of charge

Your ad will run for up to 60 days.

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Internship offers

Internship offers are directed at students enrolled in a Master’s or Engineering degree program.

This service is free of charge

Your ad will run for up to 60 days.

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Anonymous offers

Choose this option to mask details that could permit candidates to identify the employer organization, and hide your strategic orientations from your competitors.

Rate: €XXX

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Candidate shortlisting

Select this option to have all applications received sent first to our Placement Department to be ranked according to pertinence before being forwarded to you.

Rate: €XXX

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Shortlisting questions

Selecting this option allows you to add up to three mandatory questions for candidates to answer in order to submit their applications.

Rate: €XXX

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Visibility options

These options improve your ads’ visibility on our site. Choose a distinctive skin and/or updating to top rank in the search results.

Rate (special skin): €XXX
Rate (top rank): €XXX
Premium visibility (both): €XXX

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Featured ads

Choose this option to display your ad in the advertising spaces available on every page of our site. This option gives you the flexibility to select up to 15 consecutive or non-consecutive days to run the featured ad.

Rate: €XXX per day

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Package deals

If you have a large number of ads to place, or recurring advertising needs, we offer packages of advertising credits that will save you money. You can use the credits to pay for the job offers you post as well as for any additional options you may choose.

Pack of XXX credits: €XXX  (or n offers + x free offers)
Pack of XXX credits: €XXX  
(or n offers + x free offers)
Pack of XXX credits: €XXX  (or n offers + x free offers)

For invoices paid directly via our site: 1 credit = €1

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This website is brand new : if you discover a bug, or if you have a suggestion for us, please feel free to contact us. Thanks in advance!

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