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CEA PhD openings

The Atomic Energy Commision (CEA) proposes 3-years PhD contracts in all its fields of expertise. All subjects open to applications are online.

There are several kind of co-funded PhD grants. Still, in any case, PhD students are employed by the CEA under a 3 year fixed term contract. Monthly gross salary amounts to 2031,36€ during the first and second years. In third year it raises to 2098,08€ (1 January 2010 values).

The objective is to carry out a research project in one of CEA's field of expertise: basic research in physics and life science, technological research for industry, R&D for nuclear energy, defence activities, nuclear safety and protection.

A list of topics is available. Attention though, as they have to be validated by partner graduate schools. They are likely to evoluate or be precised.

An International PhD Program was recently created by the Life Science division of the CEA to attract students who wish to undertake a thesis financed by the CEA within one of its leading French research centers. In 2010, from 20 to 25 PhD grants will be attributed.

Association Bernard Gregory and CEA are partners in preparing and facilitating young researchers' professional integration after the PhD.
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