Franco-German ABG-FGU branch office

The Franco-German ABG-FGU branch office is a partnership between ABG and the Franco-German University. It affords a gateway to the research communities and job markets of both countries. In addition to assisting (future) doctoral candidates and PhD-holders with their plans for Franco-German mobility, this branch  office supports universities, research institutes and companies seeking to increase their visibility and recruit from an international pool of candidates.

The Franco-German ABG-FGU branch office draws from the ABG catalogue to hold bilingual, cross-border training sessions:

Bilingual presentation: 

A report on the Franco-German doctoral cocktail party held at the Eurodev Center business incubator in Forbach:  

OFAJ held a seminar in 2015 on “Practical Advice for Doctoral Candidates”: 

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Universities and research institutes: you are welcome to contact us!
If you would like to prepare your (future) doctoral candidates for professional and/or international mobility, contact Bérénice!

How to contact us?
Bérénice Kimpe

In Germany
Villa Europa
Kohlweg 7
D-66123 Saarbrücken
Tél. : +49 681 938 12 114

In France
239 rue St Martin
75003 Paris
Tél. : +33 1 42 74 45 46